Entire year, easy-to-use, all-in-one homeschool 1st grade curriculum includes an eight month, week-by-week materials that includes reading, math, grammar, history, science, and writing for each school day.

How it works:

For each week, there will be materials for the six core subjects.  The homeschool teacher will also be provided an overview of the material for each week.  The homeschool teacher simply needs to review the materials each day.  By the end of the week, the lesson for each subject will be completed.  Thus, the student can easily move to new material the next week. 


  • Reading- Links to daily online reading books with corresponding comprehension sheets, flash cards, word search, crossword puzzles, reading comprehension worksheets, and other materials are included for a traditional, fun, efficient way to learn primary words.
  • Math- Daily worksheets that focus on traditional number sense are included.  Flash cards are also included.  No Common Core here.
  • Language- Daily worksheets that focus on the grammar aspects to ensure proper English writing.
  • Writing- Weekly writing assignments that start the writing process.
  • History- Daily worksheets that cover basic American history and geography, also includes art and links to videos.  Worksheets are used to review the videos.
  • Science- Daily worksheets that cover basic science, also includes art and links to videos.  Worksheets are used to review the videos.

Anything else needed?

The only other material truly needed is the internet, for social studies and science, and a printer to print the worksheets.

Note: Purchaser will be emailed a link for download of product.    Months 1 and 2 are immediately available.  Months 3-4 will be available in September.  Months 5-8 will be available in December.  You will be contacted when these months are available for download.

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1st Grade Entire Year Homeschool Curriculum

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